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Artist: Kevin Kearns

As a designer, I always appreciate the courage of leaving behind the world of clients and deadlines to embrace art; as with the case of Kevin Kearns.

Kearns paints abstract landscapes that from a distance take on a nearly photographic appearance. The contrasting colors, deep textures and looseness of technique create an intensely emotional image. For me, the scenes feel very internal, as if “remembering” a place rather than a true to life landscape. Love this stuff.

View more of Kevin’s work at kevinkearns.org

Matthew Divito Animated Gifs

I think these animated gifs of geometric abstractions from Matthew Divito speak for themselves. Hauntingly beautiful.

For All Rings!

The brilliant people at Zeus Jones were kind enough to send me some of their elegant “For All” rings. (Along with some amazing prints I’ll be posting later.) My wife and I will be proudly wearing them, indefinitely! Be sure to visit their website, grab some rings and show your support via the link below:


"This is our generation’s civil rights issue. I’d rather be on the side of progress than be on the side of hate, fear, and discrimination."
— Mike Schmidt

Ghostly International presents Matthew Shlian from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

Beautiful paper folding by Matthew Shlian.

Daily Photo Project

As a creative exercise, I’ll be taking a single photograph daily. I’ll be posting them to my Flickr page here.

~ Underwater Levels Mix -

The underwater levels have always been bittersweet. They account for the most frustrating in-game moments, but always make up for it with atmosphere and awesome music. Great for rainy days or long baths.

Download mix here

Track 01: The Serpent Trench - FFVI
Track 02: Labyrinth Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog
Track 03: Aquatic Ambience - Donkey Kong Country
Track 04: Rocky Underwater Maridia - Super Metroid
Track 05: Aquas - Star Fox 64
Track 06: Secret of the Deep Sea - FFVII
Track 07: Water Temple - Ocarina Of Time
Track 08: Silence - Shadow of the Colossus
Track 09: Underwater Frigate Reactor Core - Metroid Prime
Track 10: Water Land - Super Mario 64

New Pogo Site

Pogo recently updated his website. I had a little hand in the homepage design but most of the design credit goes to the talented Valentin Cervellera!

Check out the new site at pogomix.com.

Print by Javier Garcia

I received this beauty in the post the other day! It was illustrated by my super talented friend Javier Garcia, a San Francisco based designer/illustrator. Javier has an awesome blog called No Barcode that’s all about mid-century modern art & packaging. I suggest you check it out!

Mars Wallpapers

Nasa just released an amazing HD 360 degree panoramic image of the surface of Mars. These photos were taken by the Opportunity Rover and released today.

I took some screen captures to use as desktop backgrounds and thought I’d share. Enjoy!

"It’s really complex to make
something simple."

~ Jack Dorsey